VR4 Certification

We are very proud of our VR-4 certification for Volvo S80, Audi A6 (C7 and C8), Audi Q7, BMW 5 series (F10 and G30) Mercedes V (W447) and BMW X5 (G05). We are the only ones in the world who have the VR4 certification on all the above-mentioned models and we also have cooperation agreements with BMW Nederland.
VR4 means Vehicle Resistance category 4, which means that an armoured car with this type of classification has been extensively tested and was found safe by TNO Explosions, Ballistics and Protections, based in Rijswijk. A fully armoured test car will get shot at more than 300 times at the test center of TNO Rijswijk. With these impacts they’ll look extensively if the armour material has stopped the bullets. Not just the steel and the bulletproof plastics will be tested, the bulletproof glass and armoured chassis will be tested too. When the vehicle survives the test, there will be a certificate with VR4 classification according to BRV2009 and ERV2010 category 1 standards.
To be clear; B4 means an armoured vehicle, built with certified materials and a VR4 armoured is built, identical to the extensively tested vehicle. These vehicles are then protected against several small arms, such as:

9mm. Parabellum
.44 Magnum

Tests and Certificering

Our vehicles are armoured with the utmost care and meet the required certifications according to the BRV2009 and EN1522/1523/1063 standards.

The vehicles listed below are VR4 certified and attributed to Van Berkel:
– BMW 5 F10
– BMW 5 G30
– Audi A6 C7
– Audi A6 C8
– Audi Q7 4M
– Volvo S80 B4
– Mercedes V (W447)
– BMW X5 (G05)

Also more than 25 times a B4 certificate on front door armoured sets.

B4-B3 bullitproof

The VR4 certificates are given by TNO, after the cars are being shot at more than 300 times with a .357 and a Magnum .44 in the test center.

After the placement of the housing, every vehicle gets tested by TüV Rheinland according to the 2007/46 inspection.

Furthermore there will be special tests. The chassis armouring will get tested with the ERV2010 test with a DM51 hand grenade below the vehicle. This is certified upon the below mentioned cars:

  • BMW 5 F10
  • BMW 5 G30
  • Audi A6 C7
  • Audi Q7 4M
  • Mercedes V (W447)